“After doing a lot of research, we selected Earth Legacy as a landscape designer that incorporates native plants into a hardy, low maintenance landscape. We were impressed by Arinna’s knowledge, creativity, and in particular, her recommendation of a drainage system that retains our storm water and runoff for watering our trees and plants.

She developed and built a beautiful, low maintenance plan that we love year round, incorporating several edible elements including fruit, berries and herbs. We appreciated her crew’s commitment to the proposed schedule and to excellent work. They also demonstrated great problem solving by working through some unexpected bumps related to the grading permit for our infill house. We highly recommend Earth Legacy.” – Trish

“I am so thankful we found you! You were so easy to work with and very knowledgeable about the challenges we were facing with the flooding in our Naturescape – you were able to tell me why it was happening and what we needed to solve it!

I so appreciated that you  were willing to work with us and our parameters – being that we are a school site. You came up with a great workable plan to fit our needs -where the students, staff and parents could do  some of the work, and be involved in the hands-on learning that’s a huge part of the purpose of the space!

It has been an absolute pleasure and delight to work with you all! You are a fun bunch, and you made our Naturescape look beautiful again! The students love their log seating and the swale. I am looking forward to working with you in the spring to finish our “boulder hill”. – Melissa, La Perle Elementary School | view project page |

“We are very pleased with the design and implementation of the project Earth Legacy did for us last summer. Your team took the challenges of the low light area at the front of our building and provided an updated look using environmentally sustainable and low maintenance materials. Your team also showed commendable care and concern for the existing mature trees. We look forward to seeing and enjoying this area as it as it matures over the next few years.

It was a pleasure to work with you. The work was completed in a timely fashion, in spite of weather delays, and we appreciate your knowledge and willingness to follow through with maintenance advice. I would have no hesitation in recommending your work to potential clients.” – Brenda Jackson, President, Chanticleer Condominium Corp. | view project page |

“Arinna and Earth Legacy really listened and catered to providing the landscape I wanted to have and was able to gather the right resources and people to create a true legacy for my family.  Only one year and I have lots of home produce to work with.  Providing seasonal support and tips through her expertise has been great added benefit.” – Regards, Sherman | view project page |

“My yard was in a very chaotic state before Arinna and her team came to work their magic:  they identified the plants that needed to stay (including many native Alberta plants) and did a great job of weeding out everything else.  Arinna designed a plan for the yard and the team efficiently mulched and added many plants/bushes in such a way that the yard is now beautiful and instills in me a sense of peace.  I really appreciate her whole philosophy of landscape design and plan to enlist her help in the future to further add to and enrich the landscape.” – Louise | view project page |

“Arinna worked on my perennial gardens with me last spring and I am very happy with the results. We shopped together for the new plants, shrubs and bushes and she helped me decide where and how to put the new life in the ground. Arinna has a good vision of how things will look as they mature and is a strong eco-warrier, promoting healthy and environmental choices for gardening.” – Moira

“Thanks, we’re loving what you created.” – Linda | view project page |

“[My wife] and I would like to thank you for providing suggestions which were Beneficial in helping change our yard after twenty years of growth. The plants you suggested to replace our existing plants in our yard with more colour and space-filling qualities has already made a big difference. Suggesting we move our fire pit area elsewhere has already provided us with the perfect area for our hot tub. And, as we are preparing for retirement in the near future, your ideas on making our yard more maintenance-free was not only wonderful, but has saved us a lot of planned work in the future.”

“We just wanted to thank you for actually listening, and coming up with valuable options that have met our needs to a ‘tee’.”