At Earth Legacy Inc. we do our best to only purchase products and services that meet our standards of sustainability.

We buy recycled products whenever available. We also engage in a Reduce, Reuse and Recycle program and strive to find multiple uses for things before they hit the trash. We reduce as much waste to the landfill as possible.

We double side our printing when printing is necessary, and use digital formats as much as possible. We support local businesses and collaborate with other sustainable companies to find solutions.

This website is wind powered and we drive fuel efficient vehicles, using public transit when possible. Check out our Links page for more resources for sustainability!


Arinna Grittani, Principal of Earth Legacy Inc. has dedicated her life to learning about nature, its ecosystems and sustainable design methods. She has been environmentally active throughout her life, and possesses a passion for nature, and especially plant life.

Beginning in the landscape industry in 2002, her years of experience in landscape construction, design and architecture, as well as a successful completion of Landscape Architectural Technology at NAIT, have provided her with both practical and theoretical knowledge.  She has successfully completed the renewable energy course presented by Grant MacEwan College, and has received her Permaculture Design Certification. She has also attended many other classes, seminars, and talks about sustainable technology and building methods.

Arinna is dedicated to learning and sharing knowledge about sustainability, and lives a low impact lifestyle.  She supports sustainable initiatives and green business.