Sustainability Services

This service is available to both homeowners and businesses wanting an analysis of home and office procedures and built environment. Earth Legacy can assist in locating the appropriate sub-contractors to perform intensive audits, and corrective measures.


We offer education to homeowners and business owners looking to improve their awareness of what sustainability means and how to reduce your ecological footprint.

Commercial Composting

We’ll get your business set up with a composting program that diverts your waste from the landfill to the city compost facility.  Your paper towels, coffee grounds and food waste will contribute to the creation of high quality nutrient rich compost to return to the earth to feed our ecosystem.

Sustainability Consulting

By working with the owners and staff of each company, as well as other sustainable companies, Earth Legacy will provide solutions for improved efficiency and sustainability in your operations and built environment.   An initial consultation will determine which methods and operations to target for the most beneficial impact tailored to each business.  The areas for analysis include:

    • General operations
    • Built environment
    • Waste management

All, or some of these factors are analyzed, and a recommendation of the simplest, most cost effective and sustainable solutions for your purchasing decisions, waste management, and building improvements will be proposed.  Action plans may include building upgrades, implementation of waste management systems, and procurement policy changes.  Earth Legacy will work with your staff to implement, track and advertise these changes.

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